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UNT Intermedia Performance



Comprised of diverse students from across the University’s creative disciplines, the UNT Intermedia Performance Art class explores new collaborative structures utilizing an adventurous mix of old and new media technologies. Each year new themes emerge to determine the form and content of the group work. Projects can be very performance based or focused on sculptural installation, narrative in one instance and wholly abstract in another. “Edible Torus” reflects on earlier intermedia performance hallmarks, paying tribute to the late 50’s and early 60’s, including the Happenings of Claes Oldenburg and the seminal Variations Series by composer John Cage. The individual works were presented in a hybrid fashion, merging collaborative elements of music, theatre, installation art and network media performance into a shifting array of events that happened at various locations within the space. There were very few chairs, and no one spot offered a perfect view. The audience was free to move about the space finding the viewing area to be elastic, expanding at times and contracting into very tight quarters at others. In many cases the student-participants took the path less traveled by choosing to work in an unfamiliar discipline or play a multiplicity of roles throughout the evening. In the closing moments the entire cast came together with the raising of the projection dome to create a 3-D projected environment immersed within an equally monumental layer of surrounding screens. As the music climbed toward a final luminous plateau the entire room was washed in a brilliant light.  For a moment the audience was still as they contemplated the events that had just transpired before them.

-David Stout – April 2013